Chapter 1 - Private Dancer

In 2011, I came to St. Louis, and I wanted to dance. This was the same year I came out to my family. It just so happened to be at a time when the nightlife scene was indeed at its best. So I used to get dressed up in all kinds of crazy outfits and costumes, and I took over the dance floor. Later, nightclub owners would pay me to come out and excite the crowd. They would call me the “Private Dancer.” This was one of the happiest times in my life.

Dancing on a Disco Ball - Season 1

In 2019, after “Out of Darkness” was released and House of Chuck Magazine got all these awards and lots of press, a local photographer got a hold of some of my old pictures of me dancing in a cage and trying to exploit money out of me. So I looked at those pictures, and I was like, “ohh, not those pictures, lol.” So I told him my body looks better now, and I would be happy to send him some more recent naughty pictures. The best part was I had just turned dirty thirty, my creative mindset in, and that is how the “Burlesque” season for House of Chuck Magazine was created.

The season is a replica of the night I came to St. Louis in 2011. Those were my best and most creative years, and I will never be ashamed of where I came from. I gained confidence in myself for the first time and overcame many issues that were holding me back. These series of events in my life laid the foundation for many years.

My family says this season peeled back all the layers and restored me to my original state as an artist. I had come full circle.

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