Chapter 4

Out of Darkness

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In December of 2018, I was granted an interview with several media outlets and told them my side of the story of what happened while working in the LGBTQIA+ community from 2011 to 2017. After the story was released, I rewrote an entire season within 24 hours and sent it to the House of Chuck Magazine team. This is the first of many stories told in The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series. It was a significant turning point for me both professionally and personally to have my voice finally be heard.

I released “Out of Darkness” in January 2019. Tenelle always says this is her favorite season, and I understand why. I brought something different this season; I was wounded. This was the first time I had ever shown the world that my soul was in a dark place. I needed help. The story talks about my transition from working in The LGBTQ Community to working in the Fashion Community in 2017. This came from a different place in me; I learned that anyone could change and become fierce.

It was honest, I think it changed the way people looked at me, and I think for the first time, people could see that I am human and that even the strongest people break down at some point. I always used my "art" to cope with my trauma; it is the only way to make sense of the insane world we all live in. The season won several awards and was published in several media outlets. We built every new chapter around this season because it was the first time the world realized, The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series was not just a show.

It is how Chuck Pfoutz created “House of Chuck Magazine.”