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Burlesque: The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series

For 15 years, I heard from a member of my family every day that I was fat, ugly, and nobody will ever love me. I believed him, and I had developed an eating disorder and issues with my self-esteem. When I overcame these issues, I danced. From 2011 - 2013, I performed as Carlos Ferguson, a Go-Go Dancer in my sister’s YouTube series called The Private Dancer Saga. We delivered over 65 performances across STL and captured thousands of provocative and shocking images and videos over two years. After we wrapped that series, I picked up the camera and started taking pictures again, and the rest is history. Six months later, I met the person who would change my life and gave me a son.


After we completed Season 2 of The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series, an Editor found some never before seen pictures of me from those days and threatened to publish them in a magazine if I didn’t sleep with them. I just laughed and called up my people and created one of the greatest shows on earth. I wore something twice as provocative, and I was twice as dirty both on stage and on the runway.



My baby mama was a burlesque performer, She and many others thought it might be fun to have me go back to those days, just one last time only in time for my Dirty 30th Birthday. I think I look and feel better now, but I was pretty sexy in those 65 performances and the thousands of pictures that were captured during that time in my life. Can you just imagine why after all of that dirty behavior, I ended up having a couple of kids lol? 



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