Candice Murray Claps Back

After House of Chuck Magazine published our story yesterday over a group of entertainers between the ages of 38 - 50 complain about the unfair judging of an amateur competition that happens once a week at a local LGBTQ venue. Candice Murray posted on social media how she won the competition fair and squared with great love and favor, not because she knows the judges.

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Murray expressed how comical this situation is to her because she has never made headline news before. However, House of Chuck Magazine is still baffled because all of this energy is being put into losing an amateur competition and not a National pageant. I can see competitors complaining about a National Pagent but an amateur show; this is one for the books. As we read through Murray’s post, we see that her partner snatched a wig off of Ladybug Valentino during a performance a few months ago.

Seeing this information as Murray posted that this situation goes back much further than the competition on Monday night. Murray’s partner Danny Tanner LePaige has gotten several complaints about abusive behavior towards Ladybug and several other entertainers in the St. Louis LGBTQ community. House of Chuck Magazine has documented several accounts of LePaige attacking members of the LGBTQ community through several social media accounts. Given that each party is over 35 years of age, and the fact that this is he said, she said the situation brings up our next question.

Should this type of immature behavior be tolerated in the St. Louis LGBTQ community?

 Should this type of immature behavior be tolerated in the St. Louis LGBTQ community? House of Chuck Magazine will be reaching out to all the local bar owners, show directors, and pageantry promotors for comments.

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Written by Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on July 8th, 2021