Christa Riley’s Haters Strike Again

The controversy over Riley’s return to the modeling industry deepens as she makes every effort to get her career on track. Her appearance on The Hot Bench has been the core topic of discussion regarding her haters. Every time the episode comes on the air, the controversy gets stirred up, and everyone who was involved or was associated with Riley gets nervous.

During my last interview with Riley, she was transparent about the details of her colorful past and did take the time to apologize to everyone. Unfortunately, Riley’s haters do not feel that she means it and think she should continue to be punished for her past mistakes. Riley has auditioned for shows and has been rejected, Riley has had group photoshoots, and nobody has shown.

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Could this be an organized attack by a group of organizations? Or could Riley be paying the price for past mistakes? Riley’s haters say both. I reached out to a few of Riley’s haters after they got her canceled from having a shoot at a landmark venue, and they say that too much damage has been done. When you piss off one person, you piss off ten people, and her haters say that Riley has pissed off many people.

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What is next for Riley?

Riley’s haters do not want to see her succeed regardless of Riley’s dirt on the St. Louis modeling and Fashion industry. House of Chuck Magazine has been flooded with hate mail and chain letters in response to our last interview demanding that their voices be heard. But, in the age of Cancel Culture, where abusers are being held accountable for their behavior, is it possible for Riley to rehabilitate herself and move on with her promising career as an artist?

All of Riley’s haters talk about her deeds, but they never attack her work; her work speaks for itself.

Written by Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on July 6th, 2021

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