Drag Couple Cyberbullies The Handicap

Around 3:00 PM on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021, we received a phone call from Ladybug Valentino stating that she was having thoughts of ending her life. We quickly got on social media and saw everything was happening. As we read through Candice Murray’s post and comments, we promptly flagged this incident as a form of cyberbullying. As Randy Watkins stated in his voice messages to Murray, she should have said something to him during the competition and not on social media.

Watkins also sounded like he under the influence in these voice messages as he was swallowing his words and recanting statements. Watkins also stated in his voice messages that he has never had a conversation with Ladybug. When we reached Murray for a comment, she declined to answer my messages. So we reached out to a few local entertainers to get more of a backstory on the series of events. We found that this story goes back so much further back than what was happening at the moment.

We met up with Ladybug Valentino and got more of her side of the story. Ladybug stated she was confused because she wasn’t even at the venue where the incident took place. Ladybug then discussed Danny Tanner LePaige had been harassing her at the bars and on social media. Ladybug revealed to us LePaige was once on a judging Drag competition. While Ladybug was walking on stage, she slipped on her dress, and LePaige began laughing hysterically at her.

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Ladybug's Haters Speak Out Via Social Media

Ladybug revealed to us that several times LePaige tried to trip her while she was performing. LePaige even snatched a wig off of Ladybug while she was performing live. So while community members are on social media making jokes about Ladybug’s mental, physical health, and disabilities, we learn that she has been living in a private hell with no one to turn to for help. So can you imagine what was going through Ladybug’s head while people were bashing her on social media over something that was He said, She said?

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Open Mouth Insert Foot

Ladybug decided to log off of social media while we ran our story on Wednesday morning. When the story was published, Murray clapped back at Watkins, Valentino, and House of Chuck Magazine in a social media post rather than returning our messages. House of Chuck Magazine took that public social media post and then published a second story on Thursday morning LePaige was kind enough to comment on one my of my post under one of his many fake social media accounts.

Murray commented via social media, demanding that we take our story down, stating we falsely represented her even though she falsely represented herself and two other entertainers over a local amateur competition on social media. What Murray, LePaige, and the rest of the Ladybug’s haters do not seem to understand that if she were to commit suicide because of this situation, every single one of these individuals would have blood on their hands.

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A Rebel with No Cause

Judging from all the information we have gathered and everything we read on social media, it doesn’t look like anyone cares. In comparison, Murray should be posting about the lack of diversity, racism, segregation, Black Trans Lives Matter, Police brutality, homelessness, Covid - 19, etc. Instead, Murray and LePaige continue to keep working behind the scenes and on social media showcasing nothing but immature behavior.

Should This Type of Behavior Be Tolerated in the St. Louis LGBTQ Community?

House of Chuck Magazine ventured out to the local bars promoting our latest film project; while we were out promoting our film, community members came up to us asking us about this situation. After we revealed all of our facts, 98 percent of them agreed that cyberbullying needs to stop. One customer stated that we came to see the show, not a bunch of petty drama. Another customer stated that these three are lowering the standards of acceptable behavior in the St. Louis LGBTQ Community. Finally, a show director commented that local bar owners, show directors, and pageantry promotors look at this situation and shake their heads and be like, NO, we do not want these entertainers representing our organizations. House of Chuck Magazine has reported this incident to several bar owners including Grey Fox Pub.

Self Sabotage 

We reached out to a former work associate of LePaige. They commented that they have never had a civil conversation with LePaige and revealed that LePaige has a very toxic personality and loved to argue. The former work associate also said that LePaige had a reputation for creating a hostile work environment. I can confirm that LePaige has made fake accounts on social media and has come at me and others via social media rather than contacting me privately. Other members of the community say that LePaige has always been a mean spirit. Murray has since deleted the first post about Watkins, Ladybug, and the amateur competition out of embarrassment.

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In Conclusion

In Conclusion, While it seems that a resolution has not yet taken place, Ladybug has remained silent on social media. We all know-how Ladybug has always spoken her mind, and when someone ever upset her, you heard about it in her next performance. While Ladybug is taking her broken heart and turning it into art, the industry has taken notice. Ladybug revealed to me yesterday that she has received more bookings from out of town and plans to continue her dreams of conquering the midwest, the nation, and one day the world.

Watkins, Murray, and LePaige have been officially added to our cyberbullying database...

Ladybug said, “This situation has changed her life forever and has given her craft a bigger purpose.” So, while the industry is questing the judgment of Watkins, Murray, and LePaige, Ladybug marches on. Ladybug will be dedicating her next series of performances to the victims of cyberbullying.

House of Chuck Magazine Continues Its Efforts to Combat Cyberbullying.

If you have been a victim of cyberbullying, please submit by clicking this link, and a member of House of Chuck Magazine will be in contact. In addition, if you are having suicidal thoughts, please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Written by Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on July 10th, 2021

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