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House of Chuck Magazine reached out to Ladybug Valentino for an interview last night after what Ladybug considers a very long day. She said she woke saw a voice message in her inbox from an entertainer named Randy Watkins about a post about Ladybug and himself on social media. The first thing Ladybug did was not respond to his messages and blocked Randy Watkins.

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House of Chuck Magazine obtained copies of all the voice messages made by Randy Watkins. We reached out to Randy Watkins for a quote. He was kind enough to share a few more voice messages with me where he denies that a conversation between him and Ladybug never took place. However, Watkins stands with what he said about the unfairness and inequality in the Drag industry. (Correction) He thinks another entertainer rigged the competition.

House of Chuck Magazine asked Ladybug about how she felt about the post and all of the allegations made of her, and she said that she has better things to do than being worried about some washed-up middle-aged man who lost a competition to a bunch of dolls. I get bookings out of town and have won these amateur competitions before and continue to keep doing them to have a stage to tell my story in Drag.

We asked Ladybug about her dealings with Candice Murray, and she says he had no problem with her. Ladybug admits she has a mouth,  but this one is not her; it is a man who got jealous because he continues to get creamed by a bunch of dolls. While listening to voice messages, we noticed that he misgendered a trans entertainer, and when we asked Watkins about it, He stated that he is from the old school and does not associate with pronouns. We told Watkins that misgender entertainers are a highlighted issue in the LGBTQ community. He responded that the only news he watches is BBC America and BBC Earth.

Randy Vs Candice

House of Chuck Magazine would expect a bunch of 21 - 25 years olds getting mad about losing an amateur competition but not someone between the ages of 40 and 50. The St. Louis Drag scene is built on competitions, leaving no room for artistry or character development. All the entertainers are worried about is keeping up with the joneses instead of creating their own signature brand like most legendary entertainers.

Watkins Talking to House of Chuck Magazine

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Randy's Voice Message to Ladybug

House of Chuck Magazine rules this situation out as malicious because Randy Watson denies having any conversation with Ladybug. House of Chuck Magazine has attached all posts, voice messages, and videos of Randy Watkins complaining about losing an amateur competition. House of Chuck Magazine thinks it’s pretty pathetic when gown people who are supposed to be professional entertainers take to social media every time someone does not get their way.

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Watkins denies talking to Ladybug Valentino

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When taking to social media is like issuing out a press release; sometimes it can misguide, misrepresent, and then everyone gets into a flutter, and then a clarification or retraction must be released. We do not investigate. We assume, and then we throw them under the bus and cancel them out. House of Chuck Magazine feels that there are multiple sides to every story and that every side of the story deserves to be heard and told for the truth to be revealed.

Written by Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on July 7th, 2021

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