Karen Mackey

A Women in Power

One Year ago, Prime Minister Amy Blackwell retired from House of Chuck Magazine after fifteen years of service. Blackwell moved in silence when it came to governing my career. Yet, the advice House of Chuck Magazine received from Blackwell helped reshaped the world into what it is today. When Blackwell retired, she made sure that our family was in good hands. Blackwell informed Danielle and me about her retirement and selected Karen Mackey as her successor.

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When Mackey came into power, her goal was to rebuild House of Chuck Magazine brick by brick and returning the house to profitability. Her first challenge was The Roaring 20’s season; that season saved House of Chuck Magazine. The first two quarters of 2021 were our most profitable yet. Her vision was the more money our photographer makes, the more capital we can invest into our commercials, films, and shows.

Taking us on, forming a new administration, and reconstructing the house was her second challenge. Mackey’s decisions have allowed other brands to add their take on our groundbreaking series. As a result, creativity, marketing, and the business are thriving like never before. Mackey had minimal experience coming in, and within a year, she has shown more conviction than anyone I have ever worked with.

Her third challenge was when I got diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer. When things got, bad Mackey was having meetings with me every other day. When I was in and out of surgery, Karen Mackey and Tammi Dunn brought me food, ensuring I kept my strength up. When Mackey felt like I was pushing myself too hard, she was not afraid to tell me to sit down and rest. When I felt overwhelmed, Mackey was not afraid to dive in and delegate responsibilities to our administration.

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When we spoke to Mackey yesterday, she said it has been an honor serving as The Prime Minister of the House of Chuck Magazine and looks forward to the many years to come. Mackey’s goal for 2022 is to find better opportunities for our models and revitalize the St. Louis Fashion industry post-pandemic. House of Chuck Magazine congratulates Karen Mackey on her one-year anniversary as Prime Minister.

Written by Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


Published on August 20th, 2021

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