Mimi LaGray: The Drag Queen Who Stole Pride With Her Gown

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It takes a lot to impress me, but this entertainer took my breath away during Pride this year in St. Louis. We immadalty shared the images and videos with our House of Chuck Magazine group. The way that LaGray slayed to the fashion gods during all the festivities took House of Chuck Magazine back to Stonewall in 1969. We asked LaGray what inspired the creation?

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“The rejects, the force, and the fight to defend who I am and what my hands can do to represent my community—the Queens who fight alone to continue standing.” Mimi LaGray

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After LaGray told me her inspiration, I called her a "Freedom Fighter." LaGray. I met LaGay in Poplar Bluff earlier this spring at Alternative Universe. She took the pictures I took of her and made them her profile picture. LaGray reminded me of the pictures while interviewing her, and I said, "I never forget an artist." When you look at these pictures and videos, all you see is Artistry at its best.

Pictures Taken by E&B Studio

Fashion is a form of expression, a lot of the time, we have trouble saying it with our mouths, so often we say it in how we dress or perform. Looking at this gown, you can see the hidden message. A conversation about Unity turned into a conversation about when I went up to Stonewall in 2019 and what it was like to go back to the beginning where we all came from. Thank you, Mimi LaGray, for creating such an inspirational piece and restoring my faith in Pride. We are nowhere close to humanity being United, but the fight continues with people like Mimi LaGray.

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Chuck Pfoutz

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