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Stringz EMB will be doing the theme song for Greek Mythology: The Maximum Exposure Fashion Series. Artists created this series, so it is only natural to have an artist like Stringz EMB open our show. I met Stringz EMB in 2017 during a Fashion show, and then later that evening, he got up and sang his song “A Dollar.”

My ex decided to take me out of date the last year, and we ran into Stringz EMB; he was shooting a video with his crew, and I told him I never forgot his performance in Dee Dee Billingsly’s Fashion show. I reminded him how I see him everywhere shooting videos, and soon he will be like us at House of Chuck Magazine, running out of places to shoot and invading other cities because we are just too much for St. Louis. Last season we brought back the House of Chuck family, and you see the family released into their roles this season.

Talking to him, I started having visions of him in our show, and he dressed up in one of our costumes with a beautiful wreath around his head, opening our show in Nashville, TN. Asking Stringz EMB to carry on the torch of the many artists that came before him was not easy, but Danielle and the rest of the team have complete and total confidence in him. Stringz EMB will also be taking on the role of Cronus in the series. Cronus is the Father of Zeus and the Olympians; he fears his throne being taken away from him and eats his children until Zeus cuts open his stomach and then condemns Cronus to Tartarus.

Please give Stringz EMB a warm Welcome as House of Chuck Magazine prepares for one of the most incredible productions the world has ever seen. We celebrate 20 years of working behind the camera a few months after the show's release. Pictures were taken by Rob Cannon.

Written by 

Editor and Chief

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine


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