What Does Pride Mean To You?

We will never forget when we had to pay a cover charge to get into the Pride event a few years ago and then got blasted on social media and the street because people thought we were associated. We remember seeing the White community on one side of Keiner Plaza and the Black Community on the other and then calling us the community united. We will never forget attending the Pride pageant in 2016 and seeing the judges only give titles to mostly caucasian entertainers. 

The worst is that the Pride Board of Directors has no representation for Lesbians, Non-Binary, BTPOC, Bisexuals, Queer, etc., and very little diversity. Ask yourself what does Pride mean to you? Pride to us means liberation and unity; When we look at past events, we do not see liberation or unity. We see a pattern that has been repeated for over forty years and shows no signs of improvement. Let us not forget the series of events that happened in 2019.

The Mayor of St. Louis promises that there will be more oversight in the future; let us hope she is not being deceived by those who create the divisions and the corruption.

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Unfortunately, House of Chuck Magazine will not be attending Pride St. Louis 2022, nor is my cast and crew. We have not attended a pride event in St. Louis since 2018 and will never return. The history of segregation, embezzlement, and corruption is against our community standards at House of Chuck Magazine. Attending these events would enable these horrific acts to continue. Additionally, many House of Chuck Magazine members are LGBTQIA+ and still support the community as a whole.

Written by

Editor and Chief 

Chuck Pfoutz

House of Chuck Magazine 


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